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Archive for March 2012


Today I decided to do a post with MY bag.  This is THE bag, you know the one that you covet forever and finally convince your husband (your parents, your roommate…yourself), that you will never buy another bag again after this one because it is perfect.  You totally justify the fact that the price of said bag is 3 times as much as you would usually spend on a bag because you will never need another one again and it is classic.  This is the last brown bag that you will ever need or buy.  Come on fashionistas you all have this story.  Maybe it is a jacket, skirt, shoes…you know you have done this. How long did it take you to buy another brown bag, perfect pair of black pumps, leather jacket…?  I don’t think it took me very long…okay I don’t want to talk about it… (am I the only one who did this?)

Well lovlies, this is my perfect brown bag, and it is perfect.  I love it and I thought it might need a little post time with me, maybe a few.  I hate to say it has been living in the top of my closet lately (I am so fickle!!)   I am sure it enjoyed the fresh air of this day.

 The bad thing about the” never will I buy another,” argument, is that it only works once (unless it is to yourself and then I bet you could get away with it a few times :)  So use it wisely.  

P.S. This is day 2 of my “no stripes” week.  I have to admit I have already been tempted about 4 times today.  I don’t know if I can be strong enough.

Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet: | Pants: Jcrew | Heels: Aldo | Perfect Brown Hand Bag: Kate Spade | Belt: Forever 21 | Bracelet: Jcrew | Necklace: Jcrew via Ebay

Black and Tan

When I was growing up we had the ultimate ice cream parlor in our community.  It was a family owned business by the name of Leatherbys.  The ice cream was amazing and they gave you A TON of it (I am serious people, we are talking mountains of ice cream and rivers of toppings…your mouth is watering isn’t it.?)  All of their toppings were/are homemade.  Our got to go there for special occasions and later I went there after nearly every big school dance and it was always incredible.  My husband, me and our boys lived in the community I grew up in for a little bit and I would take my kids there.  They also thought it was/is ice cream heaven.  If any of you who are reading this live in Utah, you need to visit if you haven’t.  Any of you who don’t live here ever visit Utah…go, it is life changing (well, really good anyway).

One of my favorite things to get there was this awesome sundae called “Annie’s Black and Tan” (it was some gal’s name, I think it was Annie, for the sake of the example, lets assume it was Annie.  I think all of the ice cream creations are named after people in their family…anyway…)   This creation was homemade hot fudge with homemade caramel sauce (I always get extra caramel…my favorite). 

You may be wondering why in the world I shared that story.  Well…this outfit is both black and tan, and not only do black and tan taste divine together, I really like how black and tan look together…OK Moving on.

Did you notice there are NO STRIPES in this outfit?  Not one.  I have to say it is quite the accomplishment for me.  I will admit however…I ordered a striped blazer online last night.  I fell off the wagon, I am ashamed.  They are just so cute!  There is a little print mixing in this outfit.  Can you see this pin dotted shirt?  I just discovered the concept of layering two shirts and once again, a little mixing up has opened my wardrobe up to so many possibilities.

I was thinking that I might try to make it a week without wearing stripes in my posts.  I wonder if I could do it.  I wouldn’t bet any money on it or anything, but it might be fun to try a stripe-less week.  Consider this day 1.

Pin Dot Shirt: Ann Taylor | Checked Shirt: Jcrew | Jacket: Ann Taylor | Jeans: Aeropostale | Heels: Steve Madden (similar) | Bracelet: Jcrew |
Earrings: Had them forever, no idea

Later this day I had a meeting I had to dress up for and I changed the jeans for a knee length straight skirt and loved that look too.  No pics though.


Navy and Pink

If the truth be told I am a bit of a classic gal, in everything.  I love black, I love classic lines and fabrics.  I add a bit of trendy to most of my outfits, but as a whole they are usually still pretty classic.  Since I started this blog however, I have been looking for different ways to wear my go-to classics.  I usually wear this outfit with just the skirt and the navy top.  I thought it would be fun to change it up, so I looked through the old closet and found this pink button down and put it under it.  I think you would be amazed at how versatile your wardrobe is if you just think outside the box and mix things up a little bit. 

It was fun to have a little pop of spring with my navy.  This pink shirt I am wearing is my favorite shirt ever!  I bought it from Jcrew years ago, and I wear it whenever I can. Sometimes  you don’t have to buy something new to have something new on.  Change things up, wear things together you haven’t before.  It makes a huge difference and your wardrobe is suddenly doubled.

Sweater: Ann Taylor | Shirt: Jcrew | Skirt: Ann Taylor | Boots: Aldo (They are on serious clearance!!)| Jewelry: Macy’s, Jcrew

Sunday Afternoon Casual

 I was so sad to wake up after a day of kite flying, BBQing and sunburns to a dreary, rainy day.  I am so ready for spring and it seems to take intermissions a lot around here (is it called an intermission when there is more than one?  Maybe it is a time out, like a basketball game).  Not that I am opposed to a good spring rain, love the smell, but this day was dreary.  Lame.

 We did however get out my boys shorts which they were so excited about.  Excited enough to put some on right on the spot.  My oldest had a serious mixed prints outfit, only not in a good way :)  It was a striped shirt and camo shorts look with his black church socks.  It was good.  He got a few comments on it from the neighbors. 

 In other news, my iphone is out of commission.  I am so sad about it!  It got wet and now will only receive calls and text.  What am I going to do without a phone!????!!  It is tragic.

 I borrowed these shoes from my amazing friend/picture taker Brittany.  I think I have fallen in love with Toms.  Yes I am a bit late to get on the band wagon, but they were like a bit of heaven on my feet.  I am getting some!

 Cardigan: Forever 21 | Shirt: Jcrew | Jeans: AE | Shoes: Toms (borrowed) | Jewelry: Jcrew | Headband: H&M

Maxi Dress and Denim

 My husband and I like to always plan a little Friday night activity each week for our boys.  Last night we went on a little bike ride.  It was the first time I got to ride my new bike!  Even though I woke up seriously sore this morning, I had so much fun and I think biking is something I could really get into.  It was so fun!

As we rode my Josh explained all of the hand signals for turning left, right and slowing down.  It was so cute to see the boys (the three on bikes, McKay our two year old was in the bike trailer) practice as we rode. 

 We rode to a park and let the boys play a little bit, but they were more excited to ride their bikes, so we quickly got back on the bikes and rode on into the fragrant evening.  Spring is so full of wonderful smells.  Last night was mixed with burning weeds and new growth.  I liked it.

 I am starting to think of what I want to put on our family summer bucket list.  I think I will add some springy things too, like puddle jumping, finding buds on trees, flying kites, taking picture in a blossom covered orchard and checking out the baby animals at a local farm. 

 The world is so amazing, and sometimes in my hurry to get to the warmth of summer, I skip over the miracle of spring. 

Jacket: Gap | Dress: Hive and Honey via Piperlime | Espadrilles: Tribeca via Dillards | Necklace: Macys | Bracelets: Macys, Ann Taylor, Jcrew

Hopefully this year I will be more patient and let time pass as slowly as it wants to.