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Archive for January 2013

Dear Old Navy,

In the past I have only been mildly interested in your clothing.

 But now, I am constantly coveting your lovely graphic sweaters, chambray shirts and polka dotted everything!  I am especially loving this, this and this right now…

Thanks for all of that graphic goodness on your racks.

Seriously in love,

Sweater and cords: Old Navy | Shirt: Ann Taylor | Belt: Buckle | Boots: Sorel | Sunglasses: Banana Republic Factory | Bag: Kate Spade


 …I have to apologize that I am a little MIA on the blogosphere lately.  I know I have been going on and one about the weather, but seriously this is the craziest winter I remember since I have been married (almost 11 years) and maybe longer.  Most of the time I can’t get decent picture because it is snowing or worse (ice rain one day).

 This was what I wore on my birthday (Monday).

 That definitely is the tricky part about this time of year, trying to stay warm enough outside but not overheat inside.

 I love to dress in layers because it usually does the trick.

Jacket: Target | Shirt: Layers (super old) | Scarf: Jcrew | Jeans: Bohme Boutique | Boots: Nordstrom | Bag and sunglasses: Ross


 Sorry for my little hiatus.  This past week my poor little camera died.  It was a sad day, until my cute husband gave me my early birthday present.  My dream camera!!  Seriously, so thrilled. 

 But I didn’t have an adapter so I couldn’t get any images off it.  Well, all is good now :)  Now I need our crazy icy rain to go away so I can USE it!!

Pink shirt: Gap |  Grey Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: American Eagle | Boots: Aldo | Bag and Sunglasses: Ross | Jewelry: Jcrew, Maceys, White House Black Market

Matching Gingham

 I have joined the craze and become obsessed with Downton Abbey.  It is so good!

 I had never heard of it until my instagram feed went crazy with excitement for the beginning of Season 3.  Out of curiosity I checked it out on Netflix and stayed up until nearly 3:00 am watching it.

 I have now introduced Josh to it and he is also on the bandwagon.  If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out.  As I said before, so good…

 Black gingham: Jcrew (similar) | Grey Gingham: Jcrew Factory | Jeans: Joe Fresh (similar) | Boots: Aldo | Belt: Jcrew | Bracelet: Jcrew | Bag and sunglasses: Ross


Double Dots

 Today was my sweet baby’s 3rd birthday.  It was such a fun day, but also made me so sad.  He is growing up fast.

 While the boys were at school I took him to lunch and asked him what else he wanted to do.  The only thing he wanted was a birthday balloon.

Is there anything cuter?

Sweater: Old Navy | Shirt: F21 | Jeans: Target | Boots: Aldo | Bag and Sunglasses: Ross

pleated poppy