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Archive for April 2013

Apple and Lemon

On the way down to Moab for our fun weekend, Josh and I thought we would stop in at the outlets to grab a few things for our upcoming vacation.  It was sort of amazingly lucky that we did because they had just happened to put the whole store on sale!

I do have to say…I went a bit nuts and sad to say, most of it was NOT for the vacation.  There were just so many fun things it was hard to pass up the great deals!

 I still need to get a few tops, a couple of swimming suits and a pair of sandals for the trip….

I have a feeling by the time this little vacation to the Dominican Republic comes I will need it badly.  I am currently the director of a local pageant and in charge of Teacher Appreciation Week at my kids school, it is all a little wild right now.  Luckily I have great people doing these things with me or I think I would go crazy.   I am definitely dreaming of laying on a beach doing nothing…
 Shirt (recent, not online), Jeans, Shoes : Jcrew Factory | Belt: Target | Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren Factory (recent) | Necklace: Macy’s



Black and White…With a Dash of Color


Black and white outfits are a hot look for spring 2013, but I have to say, as much as I TRY to do this look, I always end up throwing in some color (although today I did wear a black and white look to church, I just threw in gold jewelry to add color to it).

I started out with only black and white, and was about to leave…and I had to go back and add some hot pink to this look.

This past weekend Josh and I went on a retreat to Moab (in southern Utah), with a group Josh works with.  We had SO much fun.  The lodge we stayed at was way up a canyon on the most gorgeous land.  There were tall red plateaus surrounding it and it was just amazing.  We spent all of Saturday riding in “razors” (above pic).  Neither of us had ever done it before, but it didn’t take Josh long to fall in love (he was a fun, crazy driver) with it.  I LIVE for new experiences like this so I of course loved it too.  We are already planning a trip to go back with our boys.

I have so many adventures that I want to go on with our family this summer!  We need to start planning our summer bucket list because it will be here before you know it!


Shirt: Jcrew (similar) | Pants: Bohme Boutique (similar) | Belt: Jcrew (similar) | Necklace: Old Navy (in stores, not online) | Shoes: Aldo (similar) | Bag and Sunglasses: Ross

Peach and Grey

Happy Friday (well actually it is Thursday, but almost Friday), Josh and I are once again taking off on a fun weekend trip (I feel a little guilty).  We are heading down to Southern Utah (Moab to be exact), with a group Josh is part of for work.

I have only been to Moab when I was really young so I am really excited to see it again (most people love it down there).  We are going to do a tour of Moab in something called a “razor” which I am not exactly sure what it is, but it sounds so fun!

There is also a chance of horseback riding, which I something I ALWAYS love to do.  So it sounds like a pretty fun few days for us.

As guilty as I feel leaving our boys again, I am not feeling too bad for them.  They will be surrounded by lots of fun aunts, grandparents and cousins, so I think they will be okay :)

 Sweater: Old Navy | Shirt: Jcrew Factory | Jeans: Old Navy | Shoes: Target | Necklace: Macy’s (recent) | Bag and Sunglasses: Ross

Lavender and Melon

For some reason when I go on vacation I always think I am going to have lots of time to do outfit shots, but for some reason it never happens.  A few weekends ago when in Scottsdale, Arizona for a fun work retreat we snapped a few pics before going to dinner/shopping.
The lighting on our balcony was a bit dark…Can you tell these pants are lavender?

Lavender has honestly been my favorite color of the season (although melon/peach is a close second).  I seriously need more of it in my wardrobe!

Shirt: Gap | Sweater: Bohme Boutique (recent) | Crops: Jcrew (recent, on sale-but not online) | Shoes: Aldo | Necklace: Fossil via Macy’s (recent)

pleated poppy


Ready for Sun…

Most of the days lately I spend freezing.  Josh turned off our fireplace when it was warm for one or two days (wishful thinking I think) and I keep finding the heat turned way down.  For some reason we think it is supposed to be warm so we dress like is should be and FREEZE!


My boys are determined to wear shorts every day.  I made a deal with them about when they could wear them and the date has past so I really try not to say anything about it, but I freeze FOR them.

Apparently they got Josh’s genes (he is never cold), and not mine.  I am always bundled up while my family looks like they are going on vacation to somewhere super warm.


Although we are about to go on vacation somewhere super warm and I CAN’T wait!!  Two weeks until we go to the Dominican Republic.  I won’t tell you how long I have sat and looked at our hotel website.   I am SO READY for sun, beach, relaxing and of course amazing food (a must).  My count down has begun!


Dress: Old Navy (recent, on sale) | Jacket and shirt: Gap | Leggings: F21 | Booties: Target | Bag: Aldo | Sunglasses: Ross