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Archive for July 2013

Tiffany and Co.

 Today I had the chance along with some other lovely bloggers, to head to Tiffany and Co to preview the new additions to their Atlas Collection that will not be released until this fall.

The collection isn’t released yet so no pictures are supposed to be posted, but let me tell you, it is GORGEOUS!

 There are however MANY other pieces I loved that I took pictures of.

 Tiffany’s always does everything with elegance and style and the refreshments were no exception.  those petite fours were the best I have EVER had!

 Here are some pieces of the existing Atlas Collection.  I had so much fun trying all this gorgeousness on!

 These were some of my favorite pieces…although my picture really didn’t do them justice.



Lemonade Stand

 I know that I don’t usually post projects, but his one has been my favorite ever so I thought I would post it.   Our family has a summer bucket list, and for three years we have wanted to build a lemonade stand.  This was finally the year.  I told Josh what I wanted and he figured out how to build it and then the boys and I did the rest.  I have to say how much I love how it turned out.  It was exactly what I had pictured.
 We had a great day today and the boys were so good about getting change and keeping track of what we sold.  We talked about how to treat customers and how to behave when helping someone in a store.  It was fun.  I know that my boys loved it too.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that we are trying to raise money to give a family that needs it for Christmas.  I really like the idea of my boys earning the money to help someone.


My favorite part of the lemonade stand is that the “Lemonade” sign will change to “apple cider” in October, and “hot cocoa” in November and December.  Stop by if you’re ever in Utah!


An Outfit and a Lemonade Stand (although they have nothing to do with each other)

Hello everyone!!  Hope you had a lovely weekend. It always speeds by so fast doesn’t it?  Sort of like the summer.  I have begun school shopping for my boys and I am planning the last month of summer activities.  One goal our family had for the summer was a lemonade stand.  I wanted to build a cute one that we could use for a long time.  This was the year and I have to say, Josh outdid himself.  I will post pictures tomorrow.
When I was little I wanted to do a lemonade stand so badly.  I got out an old card table, filled up a pitcher with what I am sure was severely watered down Kool-Aid and got ONE cup (ya know, I figured the customers could share), and took it to the corner of our street (my mom would have died had she known about the one cup…I am pretty sure I was sneaky about it).  For some reason nobody ever stopped (could have been the one cup problem).  I would drag my card table, pitcher and cup home pretty dejected.  There wasn’t any Kool-Aid to take home because I drank it all waiting for customers.

I think I always wanted to do a Lemonade Stand just to improve upon my dismal failures growing up.  Well…this is the year, and I can’t wait.  Tomorrow is our grand opening and I hope it is as awesome as it is my head ;)  I created the above invite to get some business (so if any of you are ever in Utah…).

We are hoping the teach our boys some things about money.  We have tally sheet for them to fill out and we are going to have them do inventory and balance budgets and it should be fun and educational at the same time.  They have to pay back half of what we spent on building the stand and then the rest we are hoping to save up to give to a family for Christmas (the other great thing about the stand is the sign switches from Lemonade to Hot Cocoa and I am toying with the idea of apple cider for October).  Wish us luck!!

Shirt: Nordstrom (recent, on sale) | Blazer: H&M (in stores) | Shorts: Buckle | Shoes: Aldo | Watch: Kate Spade | Bracelet: Unknown

Dress Up Casual

My life is pretty crazy and most of the time I need functional and easy to wear outfits.
Sometimes however, I need to go to an event at night and I don’t want to have to change everything.

The easiest thing for me is to add some jewelry and some wedges and voila…the outfit is transitioned to going out.

Shirt: H&M | Pants: Gap | Shoes: Aldo | Necklace: Very Jane | Bag: Aldo | Watch: Kate Spade

Yellow and Blue

Today we are recovering from the holiday yesterday.  In Utah we have a holiday called “Pioneer Day” and I love it.  It is where we celebrate the pioneers who were the first settlers in Utah.
Our family always goes to a huge parade in Salt Lake and this year we went to a water park afterward.  It was a lot of fun.  Later on that night we did a BBQ and fireworks with family which is always a good time.  This was the first holiday we haven’t had my parents around for and it was hard to not have them around (they are on a mission for our church).

Shirt: Loft | Blazer: H&M (in stores) | Shorts: Jcrew Factory | Shoes: Aldo | Bag: Kate Spade | Bracelet: Jcrew | Necklace: Very Jane