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Archive for October 2013

My Go-To Fall Color

 Hope everyone had a lovely day!  Our night was spent at or last outdoor soccer game for our boys.  It was actually pretty good weather, which I know is going to change quickly so I am glad that it is ending.
Navy has definitely been one of my go-to colors this fall.  I have loved it paired especially with mustard, orange and burgundy.


 Sweater: Gap (recent) | Cords: Gap | Booties: Target | Scarf: Charming Charlie | Bag: local boutique | Watch: Kate Spade
 Today on his lunch break, Josh took McKay and me to a “Witches Tea” at the Grand America Hotel.  It was SO adorable.  McKay sat and played on Josh’s phone the whole time, which was okay because I think Josh knew I’d love it more than McKay, I did :)

Burgundy and Navy

I have been seeing the mix of burgundy and navy all over the place lately.  I have to admit, I am a huge fan and have bought quite a few things with the combo.
This dress was so fun to wear and was so comfy (always a plus), I now need to try dressing it down with booties and a chunky cardigan!
Cardigan: Jcrew | Dress: Target | Shoes: Aldo | Bag: Tory Burch | Necklace: Zara

A Bit of Halloween

 I have mentioned on here before that my parents are on a mission for our church in Africa.  They have been gone about 3 months and we miss them so much.  We have missed them most however during October.  It’s my mom’s birthday and her favorite holiday.  My mom was always so much fun around Halloween and every one of my siblings love it a lot as well.  We had our annual Halloween party Saturday night and it was so much fun, but we definitely missed my parents.
This year Josh and I copied the family Pinterest “bandits” look.  We are all about easy and functional (and I was all about getting new Converse shoes…).  My family goes all out on dressing up usually and my sister and brother in law showed up as Poseidon and his wife complete with Trident made from my BIL’s forge (I tease him to no end about the forge).  I am going to have to sew poor Hunter’s mask, it is HUGE!  The poor boy could barley see out of it.

 We totally went to our boys’ dress up bin for our masks.  They were once “Incredibles” masks and converted to our bandit masks quite nicely :)

 I thought I would also post my porch on the blog.  It was so much fun putting together and so far I have managed to keep all of the flowers alive, which is a bit of a miracle really.

We have loved having such a warm, lovely autumn, but I am sad that it is supposed to be windy and rainy tomorrow.  I am especially sad because we have family pictures tomorrow night!  I am crossing my fingers that we can still get some good pictures…we’ll see :)



 Our Halloween festivities have officially begun.  Our boys had their Halloween piano recital and got to dress up in their Halloween costumes.

We have a fun neighborhood Halloween party tomorrow, and for our Apple Cider Stand on Friday we have decided to have a Harry Potter theme in honor of Halloween.

 Then we get to have a family Halloween party on Saturday and that isn’t even Halloween week!  Random enough Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  My mom always made it so much fun for us when I was growing up. Hopefully it is as fun for my boys.

Cardigan: H&M | Top: Target | White Shirt: H&M (recent, not online) | Pants: H&M | Shoes: Aldo | Bag: Charming Charlie (recent, not online)
Here are my boys are their Halloween recital.  Hunter’s costume hadn’t come yet in this picture so he wore his costume from last year. This year he is being a bandido (Mask of Zorro guy), and Palmer is Demaryius Thomas and Lincoln is Triwizard Tournament Harry Potter (not to be confused with Quiditch Harry Potter which he was last year and regular Harry Potter which he was two years ago.  This is his third year of Harry Potter…)

My Love of Mustard {Yellow}

 I may have said this before, but mustard yellow is definitely my go-to autumn color.  I can’t get enough of it and I find myself gravitate to it when choosing my outfits each morning.  I recently got a mustard yellow scarf that I can’t wait to style.

 The great part about this color for me is that it looks so good with so many other colors!  I love it especially paired with navy, but I also really love how it looks with black.  It’s one of those times where yellow and black together and don’t automatically think of a bumblebee.

 Hopefully all of you lovely readers don’t get too sick of this color showing up on the blog!

Sweater: Gap Outlet (recent) | Shirt: H&M (recent) | Skirt: Old Navy | Shoes: Tory Burch | Bag: Tory Burch
This was our adventure today, my boys do Cub Scouts and tonight they had a cake decorating contest.  Lincoln wanted to do something along the lines of Harry Potter and Palmer wanted to do something to do with sports.  The above cakes are what we came up with (although Palmer’s original plan was MUCH too complicated for us, we had to simplify it).  The boys did most of the frosting.  I was so proud of them and they had a great time putting these beauties together.   Lincoln’s was  a golden snitch if you are wondering :)  I have to be honest after baking the cakes and making an enormous vat of frosting I was pretty worn out after this project.  We also now have more cake than any of us could eat!!